Regular preventive maintenance plays a huge role in prolonging the life of your weighing scales. Apart from trace-ability, the cost of ownership is a significant issue in the recycling and waste industry, which is why equipment durability is essential. You must choose the right equipment for the harsh environment that is found in most recycling and waste management facilities. Selecting the wrong equipment will impact the cost of ownership. If your equipment needs low maintenance, it means that there will be fewer service trips, less money will be spent over the life of the weighing scale and the down time will be less.

It is important to choose qualified and reputed technicians to install and maintain your equipment, which includes regular servicing, calibration and repair. When you prioritize preventive maintenance, you can be assured of your equipment working at maximum efficiency. Further, it reduces downtime and the likelihood of expensive emergency breakdowns.

Having trained technicians on your team helps in identifying potential issues before they become a massive problem. At the same time, they ensure that the weighing scales are running in an accurate and reliable manner, thus maximizing your ‘up time’.